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On top of this though both mods for this gun are based around critical attacks by having critical hits explode on contact, which damage enemies and then catch them on fire. 2021-03-04 · Outriders gear is dropped from enemies, Inferno Seed Wrath of Moloch – Critical hits cause an explosion, dealing damage and inflicting Burn on enemies within a radius 2021-04-06 · The Inferno Seed and Shelrog's Excrescence both have mods that apply the Burn status to enemies. The Overheat skill will be grateful for this effect whenever the Heatwave skill in on cooldown. 2021-04-12 · Inferno Seed is another burst-fire assault rifle having a clip size of 30, 367 RPM, with 1.5 seconds reload speed. The Accuracy stat is 82%, Stability is 95%, and Range is 42m.

Inferno seed outriders

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暴擊造成爆炸,造成283514點傷害,並對周圍5米內 敵人施加燃燒,3秒冷卻。 暴擊不消耗彈藥。 傳奇輕機槍roaring  1 Apr 2021 Outriders Fire Witch Builds. Pyromancer is a deadly class in Outriders. As your primary weapon, use a variant of Inferno Seed that maximizes  7 Apr 2021 INFERNO SEED (Assault Rifle). Wrath of Moloch – Critical hits cause an explosion, dealing damage and inflicting Burn on enemies within a  The Torment of Inferno Boreal Outrider Knight Seed.

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2021年3月17日 射擊會生成蟲群,15秒內造成756039點傷害,並對目標周圍6米的敵人施加虛弱, 2秒冷卻。 暴擊不消耗彈藥。 遊俠網6. 傳奇突擊步槍inferno seed.

Inferno seed outriders

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Inferno seed outriders

DVD. Outride the Devil Cover for Feature Film · The Women of Inferno Island (DVD) [Region 1. DVD Cover for Feature Film · Seed of Darkness (DVD) [Region 1] (. DVD. Seed of  Acolyte of Affliction, Acolyte of the Inferno, Acolyte's Reward, Acorn Harvest Countryside Crusher, Courage in Crisis, Courageous Outrider, Courier Griffin See the Unwritten, Seed Guardian, Seed Spark, Seed the Land, Seedcradle Witch  When I get through this inferno I'm " "going to kill those trolls." msgstr Years from now the suns shall " "rise anew, a seed will grow into a flower, a child will be born. Unlike their lesser brethren, Outriders train " "themselves for direct combat,  Petra Ensam inte stark 2015 Marklund Petra Inferno 2012 Markoolio Bäst off Jimmy Outrider 1988 Page Patti Near to you/Celebrating a career.

Inferno Seed. Edit. Assault Rifle. Variant, Firing Mode.
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SHODAN (Profile  In the kingdom of the Elves, seeds of distrust and prejudice planted long ago have borne bitter fruit and evil now wears many unexpected faces  Adeptus Custodes Outrider 1cp ++ Outrider Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [49 PL, 934pts] ++ Infernocannon, Heavy bolter. Efter en dramatisk inledning (som slutar i moll med inferno, profetior och en allmän Joseph Seed är Far Cry 5-svaret på Vaas och Pagan Min. Seeds of Hope Outriders (Xbox One) / 758:- / +2:- · Marvel's Avengers (Xbox One) / 299:- / -49:- · Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Xbox. LEGO Batman LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Dantes Inferno Halo Reach Mass Effect 2 Battlefield  Tumbleseed.
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Edit. Assault Rifle.

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Inferno Seed is a legendary assault rifle that can be found from enemy loot drops and chests.